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Let's get strong in 2024

The Runner's Strength Lab is my live, app-based strength program for runners. It runs in 3-month mesocycles throughout the year.

What you get as a member:

  • Science-based, high-quality programming that’s going to drive REAL results in your running
  • A strength program that’s totally app-based. You’ll get video demos for each and every exercise, as well as the ability to log your weights and check workouts off as you do them
  • Training that can be done with gym access or without – removing an extra barrier for you. You just need a few pairs of heavy weights, an exercise bench or box, a stability ball, and a few exercise bands.
  • Training that is tailored to your current phase of run training - whether you're in a race-specific build-up, or a base building phase

The next mesocycle will kick-off on Monday, June 3rd.If you'd like to join us in a future round (or even MIGHT be interested and want to stay up-to-date), this e-mail list is the best place to be.

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